good to be one

We had a fun evening with Toby yesterday. We had to drop off the car for its oil change, so while that was going on we went to a Perkin’s restaurant next to the garage. Not the most top-ranking establishment in the world, but it was cheap and cheerful and child friendly. Although warning to Toby: if you got any ideas from the family on the table along from us where the dad was being bought a birthday meal by his adult son, be aware that I will expect something a tad more salubrious.

Anyway, Toby was really well behaved, especially as we had to wait quite some time for our order to be taken and to arrive. We ordered him the child-size portion of macaroni cheese with a side of baby carrots, and it wasn’t till it was delivered to our table that I realized he’d never been given his very own order of food at a restaurant before – what a thrill. He said “Wow!” when it was placed in front of him, and he chowed down all the macaroni at great speed and with considerable gusto (uncharacteristically he didn’t touch the carrots, oh well).

After that we went to Menards, the home improvement center, where Toby found a little outdoor chair for a bargain $2 in the garden section at the back of the store, which he insisted on pushing all the way to the front. He’s really into pushing stuff at the moment. It was hilarious, and a lot of people thought he was pretty funny until he tripped and fell over the chair, at which point a couple gave us a very stern look like we were terrible parents. Anyway he seems thrilled with it and it’s ideal for the porch/patio, assuming that he’ll be happy just sitting in it rather than pushing it around.

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