stormy weather

We had quite an exciting time yesterday on the way home from the SuperTarget store. It had been a really hot humid day, with gorgeous sunshine and we’d done quite a bit of gardening and general mooching around in the afternoon – very nice. When we came out of the store there was bright sunshine in one direction, totally black sky and lightning the other. As we were driving home the dark skies loomed over us more and more, and we started to hear severe weather sirens. Then things started to get a bit spooky when the sky actually went bruise-green. I’d heard about this but had never actually seen it happen – apparently this is what happens before tornados appear. The winds really picked up at this point (still lost of lightning but no rain yet) and I was getting quite spooked. Fortunately at that point we had to head east so were driving away from the storm but it was bearing down on us. There was loads of sand and dust swirling around us and it was totally strange to look behind us and see how pitch dark it was when there were blue skies ahead. As we got close to our exit from the freeway the traffic snarled up a bit – not ideal when all I wanted to do was get home as soon as possible. Emma’s sister Sarah said, “Is something on fire over there?”. It wasn’t smoke but a column of spinning dust moving towards the road. We’d seen a few little spinning dust clouds but this one was several stories high. In hindsight it would have been cool to have the camera with us, but at the time I was concentrating on keeping driving through the rain and hail which was very heavy by then. We did make it home shortly afterwards, and did as all Minnesotans do – straight to the local TV channels to see what was going on. There was still 15 minutes of tornado warning for our county, but it was really just heavy rain and lightning by that point where we were. When the sun came out an hour later the light was kind of bluey-green, washed-out looking. I made roast beef and we opened a yummy bottle of red and quickly felt much better. Sarah’s excited about telling the folks back in England about the weather.

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