Emma and I had our first parent/teacher conference this morning, as Toby is graduating from infants to toddlers at daycare at the end of this week. Feels like quite a big deal! We went over how he’s doing, his readiness for toddlers and what will be different for him from next week onwards.

The teacher, Raya, said that he’s doing fine at eating with a spoon, drinking from a lidless cup (he needs a bit of supervision but she says they pick it up really quickly) and sitting in a regular chair for eating, he’s also good at getting to sleep and having good long naps, and he’s great at running about and being interactive. A couple of things made me really proud: she says he’s the best communicator in his class, both in speaking (she said she couldn’t list all of his words because he has so many) and in understanding and acting on what the teachers say; and she also said that he’s very affectionate and interactive – she says he’s a really good hugger and she’ll miss that. She also said that he’ll sometimes initiate play with the other kids which is kind of cool. He maybe gets that from home, where he’s really good at starting games with Scout.

His new classes will be a lot more structured timewise and playwise – they have very defined times for being in the gym or outside and mealtimes and naps. For meals they all sit at round tables on little chairs, quite different from being up in a highchair, and for naps they go through to the gym hall and sleep on low camp-beds rather than being in cribs. They also have weekly themed projects to do, and will introduce many more communication signs which should be interesting – as well as speaking quite well he’s recently gotten the hang of most of the signs they use at daycare and it’s very helpful for us to know when he’d like more to eat or when he’s done. I think he really feels good about letting us know too. They’ve been really good at easing him into the new environment – he’s been in toddler class for a couple of hours each day for the last couple of weeks, so it won’t be a big shock to his system to move next week. I’m expecting him to be quite wiped out each day being in with the big kids.

So we’re feeling a little emotional about our wee boy growing up a bit more, but also we’re very excited for him to have these new challenges and opportunities for learning and fun.

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  1. [...] I’ve been thinking about Toby pretty much all day today. It’s a big one for him – he’s graduated to the Toddler II class at school, after 8 months in Toddler I (here’s when that happened). There’s less physical difference to him I think in the new class, but the kids definitely have to take more instructions and initiative – I think the class is going to be much more structured than before. As usual at his daycare the kids go to the new class for a few hours a day for a couple of weeks before the actual move, so Toby was getting to know the new teachers and bigger kids, but Emma said that he seemed a little anxious about going right to the new class this morning rather than his regular room. I’m sure he’s been having a good day though – he’s generally very good at just getting on with stuff. Such a little champ. [...]

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