Finally, it’s Memorial Day weekend coming up, and we have Monday off. The stretch from New Year to now always feels really long, especially for a Brit like me who is used to getting time off over Easter (Britain being a regular God-fearing country rather than a puritanical work-obsessed God-fearing country). So we have some plans for the weekend, some of which we might actually achieve. The biggest thing probably is to get the front garden in some sort of order. We (mainly Emma) have done a nice job on our little side garden, and it now has a lovely little patio and some flowers, and isn’t going to take much work to finish. The front is a different matter though – when we moved into the house the neighbors told us that before it was on the market you couldn’t see that the house had a porch – the porch in fact wraps around the front and side of the building so the plants basically obscured the whole first (ground if you’re a limey) floor. To add to the trauma, our neighbors across the road do a wonderful job on their garden and I can just tell that they’re looking plerplexedly at us every time they leave the house.

Last summer after a season battling unsuccessfully with these out-of-control monster plants, we paid one of Emma’s friends from work to rip everything out, and that was quite successful. However a lot of weeds and creeper plants are starting to sprout through, so we need to take decisive action this weekend. The plan is to spend a chunk of Saturday ripping things up, maybe using some chemicals on the more persevering plants, and getting rid of some of the old over-chunky mulch. Then on Sunday after we’ve finished doing more weeding and digging we’ll probably do a bit of planting – we need to get some good ground cover plants – and on Monday put down a ton more of new finer mulch to make it look a bit nicer and to inhibit new weeds. That’s the plan anyway, I hope it’s going to work.

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