Getting bigger

Well the weekend’s been a bit of a washout, gardening-wise, due to lots and lots and lots of rain. We did have some sun on Saturday afternoon so Em and I did tons of uprooting of things which we think will probably re-grow but at least it was good exercise. Way too stormy today to do anything much, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow – the forecast is for more rain.

So today Toby and I went to the computer store and got a rather nice Epson photo printer which was on a good deal, and recommended by Paul. I’ve just finished installing it, but of course needed some new pics to print on it, so I got involved in uploading new ones, captioning them etc, and it seemed churlish after all that not to give the Toby fans some new shots. Hope you like them. I also finally got around to changing the order of pictures on his home page but now it’s clearly an alignment mess so I need to invest a couple of minutes in building a table. One day…

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