There’s been a fair bit of press around Google launching a web mail service. It started when they announced on April 1 and everyone thought it was a hoax. Then they started paying attention to the benefits: 1 Gb(!) of storage, for free, and great filtering and searching of your messages, which with 1 Gb of storage you never have to delete. There has also been negative press about the fact that they show small unobtrusive text ads to the right of your message based on what’s in the message text, all automated (because they’re Google and they’re good at that kind of thing). This latter feature has had some negative press from people who think that it’s an intrusion on your privacy, but it’s a machine which is scanning your messages, and besides, spam filters do this all the time. Plus nobody is forcing you to use the service.

I’d heard that sign-up was limited to a very small number of people so far, for beta testing purposes, but Paul told me that you can get with the program if you’re a current Blogger. So that’s exactly what I’ve done and it looks nice so far.

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