secret dealings

The US Supreme Court is going to hear a case today on whether the minutes of Vice President Cheney’s energy “task force” (read: cosy secret industry insider access to government insiders) meetings of a couple of years ago. I heard someone point out a few days ago that it doesn’t seem much has happened from these meetings because no actual energy legislation has gone through Congress since then. But wait, gas prices are up so it costs us more to drive our cars, natural gas prices are up so it costs us more to heat our homes, and, oh yeah, we “liberated” a country with the second-biggest oil reserves in the world. Surely coincidences though, I’m sure.

For more left-wing rhetoric, Paul alerted me to The O’Franken Factor for various things from the new liberal talk radio station. Interesting stuff, and instead of “liberal” I’m seeing “reasonable and educated”. But that’s maybe because it’s on my wavelength, pardon the pun.

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