scary, scary

Unfortunately I missed a documentary last night on Public TV about the president’s religious beliefs (click here for a summary from Slate, including the man’s terrifying line “God wants me to be president”) but I think it would have riled me so much that it’s a good thing for my health that I didn’t watch it. But it did get me to thinking about how America works compared with how it’s supposed to work, for example the Constitution, which elected officials swear to uphold and go on and on about how it’s such an example for the rest of the world but then go out of their way to re-interpret and avoid. In this specific case there is of course the whole thing about separation of church and state. Specifically for Bush and his beliefs you could be worried that his faith would overly influence his policy – just imagine, he could actually start following the Ten Commandments, like “thou shalt not kill”, or looking out for the poor! But fortunately those things don’t seem to be particularly on his radar, so that’s OK then.

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