back to normal

So we’re back from the UK after rather a busy two weeks, and things are almost back to normal, although I haven’t quite finished unpacking yet (please don’t look in our spare room). It’s still odd for us to see Toby walking about so much around the house. He’s spent quite a lot of his time since we got back looking for Scout the cat who was staying with Dulce, his former owner. I went and picked him up last night after Toby had gone to bed, so they haven’t really been reunited yet but I bet it’ll be emotional, I think Toby’s really missed him. Anyway, Em and I are getting on with the usual stuff, plenty happening at work (a new exciting project for me) and at the Cathedral, where we’ve got concerts, extra services and other things going on. I rather rashly offered to be on a committee which is looking to hire a new priest, but it’s a lot less work and time than a couple of years ago when we were looking for the new Dean.

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