toby and the ladies

Emma mailed me this today – I’m quite impressed, but she seems to be less so:

“As Toby was preparing to leave nursery yesterday he abandoned me to head for the door by himself with his usual casual wave and general ‘ bye, bye’ to the room. He was followed by Isabel and Gabrielle, but Gabby soon discovered she was a third wheel and left.

Toby and Isabel spent about 5 minutes leaning against the door staring at each other and giggling – big hearty giggles that Andrew & I can only bring out after 15 repeats of round-and-round-the-garden.

I was reasonably impressed with my boy’s flirting skills, but then pride turned to horror as the giggles stopped and they started waggling their tongues at each other making a ‘labba-labba-labba-labba’ sort of noise. A preview of the joys that await us in 15 years I suppose.

Oh, well, at least she’s cute.”

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