not just me

So it’s not just me (and Paul, and a bunch of other people I know) who are shocked – SHOCKED! – at the bigotry and general mean-ness of Minnesota Republicans in trying to push a constitutional amendment that would codify the banning of gay marriage, even though there’s already a law on the books which does just that. Even people living in small towns (who we big-city types, I’m sorry to say, usually imagine to be reactionary rubes) are sick to the stomach of these unpleasant politicians and their self-righteous posturing. Here’s how I found out:

Just finished doing my taxes (finally) in which I realized that I’d mis-entered a value so we in fact don’t owe as much as I’d feared, in fact we may come out with almost three whole dollars. Now just need to sign everything, package it all up and mail it off. Anyway, before I shut down I thought I’d check up on the local news and was thrilled to see that a panel of the Minnesota Senate have voted down the proposed constitutional amendment. Hallelujah! (although, as Paul pointed out, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the argument of course). I saw a quote from the Republican senator who introduced this malodorous bill, Senator Michele Bachmann, saying that it will take a miracle for her bill to pass this session, but she believes in miracles. How nice for her. How sweet and endearing to suggest that a happy-bunny miracle could come about to discriminate against a whole section of the population. Sheesh. Maybe she should be thinking about sensible legislation which wouldn’t need a miracle and people would say “Yes, I actually believe that the government I voted for is doing something useful, like helping the unemployed, or helping the homeless, or improving schools, or cutting my commute time, and in fact if the ‘Christians’ who are hijacking a loving, forgiving religion were spending as much time and energy and prayer on issues of social justice and helping the poor like the Big Man suggested, rather than praying for discrimination, then the world might be a happier place and our kids might just grow up in a strong world.”

OK, calmness now. Deep breathing.

Aaaanyway. So when I googled the good Senator, there was a link to this site, a blog of a really decent sounding guy who happens to be a biology professor in a small-town campus of the University of Minnesota. He has a healthy disdain for hypocrites, bigots and creationists and a nice writing style. I plan to visit his pages often.

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