yogurt revalation

If you live in Britain, you probably don’t know that yogurts in the United States are quite different from those made and sold in the UK – they’re generally thicker and are kind of goopy – I believe that they often add gelatins, starches and gums to thicken the yogurt which gives it, I think, a really unpleasant and unnatural texture. I’ve found a couple of brands I enjoy, but Emma refuses to eat any despite having tried a number of different brands. Last night, however, we had something of a yogurt epiphany – I got a pot of yogurt from the Wallaby Yogurt Company which was on special at the Wedge Co-op. And wow, it was good. Smooth, full of fruit, not too sweet, light – just delicious. Probably to stop me from bugging her Emma eventually tried some and was really impressed. The company’s web site says that they make the stuff to be similar to what you find in Europe and Australia (hence the name) and they’ve done an excellent job.

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