Poor Toby is teething like a maniac at the moment – you can feel at least four teeth all set to go at the front of his top gums. So we’ve not been enjoying a whole lot of sleep lately. Last night he got to sleep around 8:30 (good) and slept really well (also good). However he woke up at 2am (bad) and by 3:30 hadn’t successfully gone back to sleep in his bed – I thought he was out, but would put him down and there would be wailing and gnashing of gums. Urgh. So Emma took him through to our bed which was half-way successful. He did sleep for intervals, but would wake up every half hour or so. Then I read this article and despair as to whether I’ll ever be mentally with it again (assuming I ever was in the first place).

Oh well, I suppose this is why the Good Lord gave us coffee.

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