character building

It’s been really damned cold for the last week or so, with sub-zero (Farenheit) temperatures. The forecast for this weekend is cold and snow, then *really* cold next week. So predicts the NowCast in our local paper, which ended with “The worst of the chill will be over by Feb. 4 or 5, but the next 2 weeks promise to be character-building, and potentially population-thinning!”

A smart comment, I’m sure you’ll agree, when the poor are finding it hard to pay heating bills, the elderly and infirm have problems venturing outside and of course the homeless face the uncertainty of finding a place to sleep for themselves and their families, the alternative being – well, what do you think? But I’m sure it was a joke about how the well-heeled would rather move south, so that’s all right then.

Anyway, I sent them a note via their website, and it appears that the offending phrase has been removed quite quickly (less than an hour). So I do at least commend them on their response time, if not their initial judgement.

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