one year young

It was Toby’s birthday on Sunday, and we can’t believe he’s a year old already, and that exhaustion has been our way of life for that long. Plus lots of happiness of course. He just seems to get more and more fun right now. The biggest effect on him is that we have turned his car seat around in the car – he’s allowed to be facing forward – and he loves it. He has been giggling pretty much the whole time we’ve driven him so far. I’m sure he likes not feeling so isolated back there, he was getting quite fed up of being put somewhere he couldn’t see us. On Sunday evening Emma was turned around in her seat, blowing raspberries at him, which he was trying to do back but was laughing so much he couldn’t. Just a joy to hear.

On Monday he had his one year checkup – here are the stats:

Weight 22 pounds 4 ounces – 50th percentile

Height 30 inches – 50th percentile

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