Last night we found that our sleeplessness over the past couple of weeks hasn’t been entirely in vain – Toby has sprung a new tooth. It’s his third, and the first one on the top. It feels like there are a couple more to come quite soon, although who knows. It’s pretty awesome when you think about it, that your body knows to switch on teeth growing, and then switch it off again when they’ve grown enough. Even though I studied genetics etc at university and have a fair idea how it works, it’s still quite mindblowing.

The other new thing (kind of new) was that lots of walking was going on. Toby hadn’t walked at all on his own since he took a couple of steps about two weeks ago, but last night we thought we’d see if he could do it, and he did great. Maximum was about ten steps in a row, but what was more impressive for me is that he could walk a bit, then stop, then start again. Previously he’d kind of run into a fall towards me or Emma, but this seems much more controlled. He was very excited at all this. I guess he’s been seeing the big kids in his new class at school and wanting a piece of the action.

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