continuing northwest issues

I think that Nortwest should be added to my friend Robin’s pants report. We’re still having issues booking flights with them – apart from the flight from Chicago to London being a couple of hundred bucks cheaper each than going from Minneapolis to London (despite the fact that most of the trip is the direct flight from Minneapolis to London) we’re finding that if we try to book for us and Toby, who would be sitting in our collective lap, we’re not even allowed to take the direct flight, and have to go via Cleveland and Detroit. And instead of getting a $200 discount for the extra flights, as we would if we were flying from Chicago, it’d be about $400 extra. Sheesh. A couple of nights ago we attempted to speak to someone face to face by going to the Mall of America, but Northwest have closed their store there. All, I’m sure, to thwart us.

Anyway, interesting thing happened last night. We got baby gates a couple of weeks ago to stop Toby from climbing or descending stairs unsupervised, and from being in the kitchen and eating ScoutTheCat’s food. Toby seems quite happy with the gates – he loves holding on to the bars and standing there watching what we’re doing and having a bit of a bop around. Last night Scout was in the kitchen, calmly eating his dinner while I was cooking mine, when I heard a scrabble of cat feet on wood floor as Scout scarpered for the basement. It turns out that this was the first time he’d seen Toby face-on standing up (I guess he’s seen him standing against a sofa or table, but this was Toby standing and looking through the gate at Scout) and it gave him quite a turn. After a minute or so Scout came back into the kitchen, with fur on end, and very cautiously looked over at Toby, who was still standing up, grinning away and generally babbling happily. Scout continued to watch him warily, and it wasn’t till Toby crawled away that Scout relaxed. I’m sure he’ll get used to it but we’re going to keep an eye on him and give him extra hugs to keep him reassured.

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