at church

Toby was involved in a couple of amusing incidents on Sunday morning. Firstly Emma took him to the nursery for most of the duration of the service. A little lad about the same age as Toby turned up with his mom. He’s called Simon, and Emma said “Hello Simon, how are you?”. His mom said, “I suppose Simon is the kind of name you want to put on an English accent for, isn’t it? Simon, Simon, Simon”. Em had to point out that for most words she uses an English accent, to the embarrassment of Mrs Simon.

Later in the service, as it was coming up for Communion time, I saw Emma and Toby at the back of the Cathedral. We have a system where the choir goes for communion after the rest of the congregation, but when family members go up for communion individual choristers are allowed to join them so long as we’re not in the middle of the anthem at the time. I really enjoy when my little family comes by and I get a grin from Toby as I carry him up to the communion rail. Emma usually carries him up to the choir, but this week Toby decided that he wanted to walk, and with Em holding his hands he marched all the way up the central aisle at considerable speed and with a great big smile on his face. The whole place kind of stopped to watch, partly because it was extremely cute and partly because we weren’t sure if he’d make it. But he did, and a couple of people told me they felt like applauding. We were at a party later that night and several people recognized him as being the little boy who walked all the way up to communion.

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