heat and babies

Guess what? Still baking hot here. The heat is unrelenting, and more on tap for tomorrow, so we’re spending a lot of time indoors with the air conditioning up to full. I believe things are going to cool off a bit next week but maybe not for long. This also must be getting boring to read about.

This morning Em and I wandered over to Dunn Brothers for coffee as we often do of a Saturday morning, it’s a very nice way to ease into the weekend. Then a quick zoom around Loring Park as there’s a small art fair there today. Some nice paintings, photos and sculpture etc but nothing that really rang our bell – apart from anything else it was too hot to think about buying things, plus we’re getting a bit heavy on pictures in our apartment of late, as we’ve had a lot of things as gifts. There’s a huge art fair going on in Uptown, but the thought of being there in the heat and crowds doesn’t appeal.

This afternoon we went to see our friends George and Ruth whose son Joshua is one year old. There were a bunch of us out in their garden, in true British style being far too hot but just getting on with it. Joshua’s a great kid though, and it was nice to be there for them. Tonight Paul and Claire are coming over for barbecue with their daughter Lauren, who must be 7 months old by now. Babytastic. I did bake some bread to be rolls for the barbecued things, but it didn’t come out quite as I imagined (although exactly as Emma imagined) – a bit too solid to use as burger buns. Still, it’ll be good with soup or something tomorrow.

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