en vacance

We’re off to the UK today, and very much looking forward to it. The only unknowns are how Toby will be on the plane now that he’s so active, and why we decided not to extend our stay out beyond Thanksgiving. No idea what we were thinking of there. But anyway.

So the plan is that we’re going to be in Aberdeen for a few days, and all m’brothers are coming up from London and Edinburgh to stay. Should be a packed house, and it’ll be loads of fun. Then we’re driving down to Edinburgh for a couple of days so that Toby can meet his great granny, and some other family members and some of Emma’s and my old friends from there. I think it’s going to feel nice to be back in Britain too. The last time my mom saw Toby he was only about 4 weeks old, and still not able to smile. Now he’s smiling almost all the time, chattering away, standing up, crawling, eating solids, etc, etc and we’re going to be very proud to show him off.

While we’re away Scout the cat is staying at his old house with Dulce. I dropped him off there on Sunday evening after slightly less trauma getting him into his carrier than I expected. For the last couple of nights and mornings it’s been really strange not having him in the house. He doesn’t take up much space physically but we’ve been surprised how much we noticed his absence.

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