Wow – non-spam email from a reader! Blake wrote to me today to ask about my experience with, and I was happy to write back, and read his blog too.

Anyway, getting set for the holiday weekend, it’s going to be nice to have another few days off, this time at home. We’re planning to clean the place up a bit, and maybe even get out to see a movie, which I don’t think we’ve done in almost a year now. Sad, really. Although for good reasons. Unfortunately Toby’s just caught another cold, so he’s feeling a bit miserable and producing slime like there’s no tomorrow. Poor little guy. He seems to get over them fairly quickly though, we just need to make sure that his ears don’t get infected, or more accurately keep watch over him and get him to the doctor if it seems that his ears are bugging him. Apparently it’s one of the few times when you shouldn’t mess around and want to just load up on antibiotics, as ear infections can easily have long term effects.

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