lazy day

It’s so nice to have a few days off from work, and we’re lazing around enjoying them. Yesterday we went out for Thanksgiving lunch with a couple of friends – great buffet and nice atmosphere – although we felt bad that we invited them back to our place but we were all so dazed from food that we just sat around and were rubbish. We got Toby off to bed at a decent time in the evening, so Em and I watched the first disc of the second Lord of the Rings DVD – just fantastic. I’ve also put it on my Amazon wish list, if you’re so inclined. I continue to be really impressed with DVDs generally, and this one in particular.

Today we’ve just been taking it easy, and we’ve been also looking at flights back to England for February. However we’re a bit nonplussed as it seems that Northwest are charging around $200 more for the flight from Minneapolis to Gatwick than from Chicago to Gatwick, even though they fly you from Chicago to Minneapolis, and then to London on the very same damned plane. So we’re thinking of going to the Northwest store sometime to find out what the blazes is going on. What a rip-off.

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