Toby’s had some problems sleeping over the last week or so, or more correctly he’s had problems getting back to sleep when he’s woken in the night. It started when he had a cold and was sleeping in our bed – he’d wake every couple of hours and need to nurse to get back to sleep. However it’s become a bit of a bad habit and a difficult one to break with the result that we’ve all been really tired.

So Em and I have decided to try to train him to sleep in his own room, and if he wakes up to get back to sleep without nursing, and preferably without needing to be picked up. We’ve done this for the last couple of nights and it seems to be going fairly well, and he’s actually been sleeping better during the day too. He’s had longer naps at school, as much as two hours at a time, and the last two evenings he’s been asleep around 8pm, and apart from maybe one wakening has slept right through till 7 the next morning.

Of course any normal person would regard being awake from midnight till 1 as ridiculous, but it’s such an improvement over where we were before.

Last night we had a whole bunch of people over for a surprise birthday party for our friend Arwen – lots of fun. We’d changed Toby into a smart outfit, but he fell asleep in it almost right away, at about 7:45. We further confused him this morning by changing him into his pajamas – it’s wear your PJs to school day at his daycare, so he went in wearing his Tigger PJs.

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