Sigur Rós

Excellent news – I saw in Rolling Stone yesterday that Sigur Rós are coming to Minneapolis in September, so first thing today I tried to get tickets. It turns out they’re playing in the Women’s Club of Minneapolis, which is a small venue just a couple of blocks from our house – very handy. Ticketmaster of course charges extortionate fees on top of the ticket prices, but I managed to avoid them by going direct to the box office – I’m so thrifty. It’s good that I got in when I did, as they’re pretty much sold out. I also found out that Yes are playing in town tonight! I used to love them when I was younger, and have seen them a couple of times. They did have some tickets going, excellent seats too, but at 75 bucks a pop it was good to have the excuse that I’m actually busy tonight.

What else? Continuing mad heat – two record highs in a row. I think it was a bit less humid last night which meant I got a good night’s sleep and was refreshed enough to get to the gym before work, which felt really good. The forecast says there are just a couple of days of this to go – I really hope it’s true.

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