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Well, this is nice for them: Senate Approves Pay Increase for Itself. Not just a pay increase but a cost of living raise too. It’s good to hear that they’re in tune with the country, at a time when many of the lucky people who still have jobs and are working themselves into the ground are facing little or no pay increase or even pay cuts. Oh yeah, and the insane budget deficit. Sheesh. Incidentally, this page shows that Minnesota’s Democratic senator voted against the raise; our Republican senator (weren’t they supposed to be fiscally conservative?) voted for.

Speaking of pay and such, I had a discussion with some friends last night about the University of Minnesota clerical workers who are on strike to protest against their new pay/benefits deal. A couple of stats – the average salary of the clerical workers is $30,000, and one of the things they’re upset about is that their health insurance for a family is going up to $27 per month. To put this in some perspective, I’m paying over six times that (and my employer generously pays a whopping three and a half times what I pay). Seeing as only in my dreams am I earning six times what the average salary of a University clerical worker is earning, I’d suggest they’re on to a good thing. But hey, what do I know?

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