nine months already

Toby is nine months old today! We’re congratulating ourselves on the fact that he still wants to live in our house with us after all this time. We’ve had a few major developments just in the last seven days:

Firstly he decided that he doesn’t “do” baby food any more. So we’ve been racing around trying to find foods that he will eat – basically things he can eat with his fingers. Baked squash, some sausage, herb omelette, toast, Boca burgers and especially macaroni cheese seem to work really well. He even appeared to enjoy tofu – more than Emma and I will eat. Last night we went out for curry and he seemed to like the spicy stuff too which is great. Imagine only having eaten pureed fruit and veggies your whole life and suddenly having crunchy, seasoned things.

Also last night when we got home we were sitting around on the floor and for the first time ever he crawled forwards. After a round of applause he forgot that he could do it and reverted to crawling backwards and spinning to get around, but I guess it’s just a matter of time before it locks into his brain and he’s finally able to get himself out of the corners into which he backs himself. Good job, sonny.

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