Toby had his 9 month checkup at the doctor’s this morning, and seems to be doing very well – no problems at all. He was very well behaved although I think he would have preferred to be playing, and the only tears came when we made him lie down for measuring/weighing and for his shots. So here are the stats:

Weight: 20 lb, 7oz – 60th percentile

Height: 28.5″ – 65th percentile

Head circumference: 45.25cm – 50th percentile

We’re happy about his weight, we’re finding it a tad hard to keep track of what he’s eating and what his needs are now that he’s on solids and so active. As for his height, we’ve measured him at home lately and he’s been over 29.5 inches, so perhaps it was just because he was extra-wiggly for the nurse today.

After his appointment I walked him down the road to playschool and as soon as we were in his classroom he was dying to be down on the floor, playing with toys and his friends.

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