en vacance

We’re on vacation at the moment in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island, the South West coast of Canada. We’ve had gorgeous weather so far – warm and sunny but not humid – and it’s so great to be by the ocean and seeing mountains on the horizons. We hadn’t realized how much we missed these things. Also it’s excellent to have nothing much to do for a whole week. So far we’ve been to the beach a few times, it’s just 5 minutes’ walk from my Aunt Angela’s house (which is where we’re staying) and after some initial nervousness at the waves, Toby has enjoyed paddling in the water and sitting on the sand. We’ve also done some walking and yesterday we drove around the island peninsula, and saw some gorgeous houses and incredible views. Seems like a great place to live – shame there are no jobs around right now! Maybe one day.

Anyway, we’ve been enjoying spending a lot of time with Toby, although it’s kind of exhausting being with him all day every day. He’s making a bit of a racket these days – he’s got lots of new vocalisations which is fun. We’ve let him get a bit of sun before putting sun cream on him – I’ve been hearing that in their worry about babies getting too much sun, parents have been shielding their kids so much that they’ve been getting vitamin D deficiencies. So Toby has healthy color in his cheeks, arms and legs but of course we’ve been careful not to let him get burned or even close.

We’ve noticed a strange phenomenon though, which in fact Emma had told me about before but I hadn’t seen first hand. Lots of people seem to like to say hello to Toby when we’re out, but as well as talking to him they seem to like to touch him, holding his hands or feet. And sure enough, around 90% of the people who have spoken to him this week have played with his feet as they’ve said hello. He doesn’t seem to mind but Em and I find it kind of strange, and a bit of an invasion of space. Do you know of people doing this, or have you seen it happen to other babies?

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