last day

It’s the last full day of the holiday and being the saddo that I am, I’m on the computer for a few minutes checking email and stuff. Actually it’s OK to be inside – after a whole week of beautiful sunshine it’s hammering down with hail and rain outside, which is a bit disconcerting for young Toby. He’s had a bit of a funny couple of days: I think his teething is really bugging him at the moment so he’s not always as happy as usual. We did have some fun last night though when we were out in the garden. I showed him some bees buzzing around, and made a buzzing noise for him, which was apparently the funniest thing he’d ever heard.

Today we went out to McMorran’s beachhouse restaurant, in honor of our friend Robin back in London and had a very pleasant lunch. Afterwards we took Toby to a petting zoo where he met some little goats, ducks and chickens. The sheep seemed to bother him a little, and we had some tears when one of them baahed very loudly and gave him a fright. Another reason to leave in a hurry – the baby goats were for sale and Emma wanted to buy Julius, the cutest, bounciest little goat who was born on August 22.

Anyway, we’ve had an excellent holiday and are feeling well rested and relaxed. Hope we’re going to be able to deal with work on Monday – ugh.

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