lack of sleep

Toby’s had a cold over the weekend, and has had a really hard time getting to and staying asleep. His nose is a little blocked up, which means that he wakes frequently in the night, and when he does wake and find himself in his room, he gets really unhappy and won’t settle down. Last night he would not relax at all so Emma took him to the spare room, where they slept for the night. It’s the first time I’ve almost been angry with him – as soon as he was in the bed with her he was all smiles and it was just really exasperating. But it seems that he’s not the only one having this issue – his friend Sam is being a bit pesky too.

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  1. [...] Toby’s had some problems sleeping over the last week or so, or more correctly he’s had problems getting back to sleep when he’s woken in the night. It started when he had a cold and was sleeping in our bed – he’d wake every couple of hours and need to nurse to get back to sleep. However it’s become a bit of a bad habit and a difficult one to break with the result that we’ve all been really tired. [...]

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