general convention

The Episcopal General Convention is in town this week, so there’s a lot going on for me and many of my friends. This morning I sang with the Gregorian Singers at a service – a long day as we started at 7:30 and weren’t done till about 1. All worthwhile though – we had a lot of complements and the atmosphere was very warm. I’d had a few rehearsals with them also, so the last couple of weeks had been quite hectic too. This weekend I’m going to be doing some hospitality work at the Cathedral, and next Wednesday we (the Cathedral Choir) are singing an evensong at 7pm. Emma was at the Cathedral on Wednesday evening this week to acolyte at the Integrity service – Integrity represent the Episcopal ministry to the GLBT community. There’s a lot going on this year with the gay issue – there’s a vote to accept the nomination of an openly gay bishop, and another on the possiblity of developing a blessing for gay couples. Personally I hope that the Church is progressive, caring and inclusive in these matters, but we’ll see what happens. Unfortunately there were some protesters outside the Convention Center when I left at lunchtime. They were waving some incredibly offensive signs – just thoroughly hateful. You end up feeling both sorry for and repulsed by these folks, and it’s affirming to be with the tens of thousands of Episcopalians who live their lives in a loving and caring manner.

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