six months already

OK, so he’s a couple of weeks over six months old, but we finally got some new pictures of our boy, which you can see here. As you can see, he’s starting to be able to stand a bit and sit a lot, and occasionally we can get him to smile for the camera, rather than just being transfixed by it.

A couple of the photos had some bad red eye, so I trawled around for a tool to take care of this. Eventually I got one from, which also has a web gallery publishing tool. I need to delve into it a bit deeper – lots of the functions were excellent (the red eye reducer was easy and worked great) and the front page of the gallery works fine too, but the actual pictures come up quite small when you click on them. I’m assuming there’s a setting I can change for this, and if I find it I’ll update the gallery accordingly. The whole process was not helped by the fact that I spilt tea on the computer keyboard, so it now puts in spaces where you’re not expecting them, and won’t put a space where you want it. But I persevered. Enjoy the photos.

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