It’s hot and steamy out today, although we’ve been lucky this year how seldom it’s been this bad. This is when we feel bad that we compromised and bought a house without central air conditioning. But we’ll survive I’m sure. It’s days like this when you really appreciate shopping malls with their free air conditioning.

Today is also the last full day that we have Emma’s mum and her younger sister, Rosey, staying with us. They’ve been here the last couple of weeks and it’s been a lot of fun. Toby’s enjoyed having them look after him in the mornings when Em and I are at work, and I think they’ve all bonded a lot. He loves Rosey – he giggles at her a lot which is very cute. In fact he’s becoming so communicative, and one of my favorite things is getting home from work – he’ll stop whatever he’s doing to look up and give me a big gummy smile. If I pick him up for a hug he hugs me back really tight. On Sunday we went out for lunch, and while we were waiting for a table Emma and her folks went to look at a toy shop. Toby and I watched the people going by, and I had this feeling that if I hadn’t been there he would have been nervous and maybe a little freaked out by all the comings and goings, but because his dad was with him it was all OK. What a responsibility and privilege.

Anyway, speaking of shopping malls and in fact all of the above, Emma’s currently at the Mall of America with everyone else, and we’re contemplating me taking the bus out there after work to join them and have a spot of dinner. It’s practically the weekend, after all.

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