Due to the continuing heat, we’ve had Toby sleep in our bed with us the last couple of nights. He’s a good sleeper, and doesn’t disturb us too much, apart from the fact that we have a little less space than usual (he sleeps on his back with his arms out). Last night I got to watch him fall asleep, which involved the following:

  • Play with toy, and say “Dad Dat Dass” at it
  • Play with feet, repeating “Dad Dat Dass”
  • Look at dad, smiling and saying “bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr” several times
  • Kick feet repeatedly off bed
  • Close eyes, and roll head repeatedly from side to side
  • Grumble a little bit
  • Smile at dad again
  • Try to sit up by lifting up on elbows
  • Fall asleep halfway up, with arms wide open

    He’s still not quite able to sit up on his own, but with a very tiny amount of help he can do it. He’s also into climbing over people, he’s getting much more mobile. I give him a month before he can crawl. We’ll be spending a lot of time Toby-proofing the house!

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