The evening routine now seems to be running around the fact that Toby won’t go down to sleep until sometime between 10 and 10:30. So we’ll do stuff (shopping, watch TV etc) till 9ish, get him into his pyjamas and give him something to eat, then put him down at 10 or so. That’s not to say he’ll always go to sleep then. Especially at the moment with the heat he’s taking a little while to settle down and last night was one of those nights. Emma went off to bed – she’d been woken by him the last couple of nights at 1ish and 5ish so was pretty wiped out – and I stayed with Toby, walking him around a bit. After a while I put him down on his changing table and he shut his eyes immediately. So I kept an eye on him for a minute or two, then transferred him to bed. He settled down no problem, and very cutely smiled and chuckled a bit in his sleep.

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