Happy Independence Day, everyone. I had a bunch of thoughts I wanted to type about the origins of America, especially as there was quite a good write-up of Benjamin Franklin in Time, mentioning how he didn’t like the arrogance of power, and how this current administration seems to be ignoring all of that by overruling states, telling the people what they want rather than listening to what they want, disparaging healthy debate as “unpatriotic” etc etc, but it’s too hot today to think too much or be coherent. Like I’m coherent normally…

So I thought I’d at least put something on about America. A friend of mine at work, Jeff, has been accepted to be in a new reality show on PBS, called the Colonial House, where he’s going to be part of a group who live as if in the 17th century like the original European settlers here. He’s heading off next week and seems quite calm about the whole thing – I’d be nervous as hell. We’re all really proud of him, and can’t wait to see what happens.

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