waaay too much information

A slight gripe we’ve been having with the house over the past few weeks has been that the drain in the bath has been clogged and slow to clear. Over the weekend I got some liquid stuff to clear it out, and it appeared to work for a couple of days, then the damned thing started running slowly again. Not sure what the next step should be – I imagine it’s quite pricey to call a plumber.

Anyway, we were watching Shogun last night, which is being re-run every evening this week on the Hallmark Channel, and is fantastic. I had never seen it before and it’s very impressive. During a commercial break, Em flicked over to QVC as she often does. They were featuring a drain unblocker thing which seems like quite a good idea. One person who called in was extolling its virtues, and said “I had this virus and my toilet was all backed up…” Eeeewwwww. It was amusing watching the polished QVC presenter dealing with this information.

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