Our little boy is growing up part 3:

Over the last couple of weeks Toby has been taking more and more of an interest in our food, and it’s become even more pronounced lately – he’s been reaching for my plate and my food when he sits on my lap at mealtimes, has been watching our faces very intently while we have mouths full of food, and watches forks or spoons as they go to our mouths. Also he’s been hungry all the time lately, waking up more regularly in the night for food (fortunately he goes back to sleep really quickly) and yesterday morning he ate almost non-stop apart from a one hour nap. Apparently he was laughing while watching his bottle being re-filled. No word from our correspondent on the maniacalness of the laughter, but even so, this is compulsive and alarming behavior.

So we decided yesterday that we should start trying him on solid foods. Many doctors these days say that you should wait till babies are 6 months old before solids, because it can interfere with uptake of nutrients from milk, but we’ve also heard that sometimes the babies themselves won’t wait much longer (Toby’s four and a half months now). We got some organic rice cereal and mixed a tablespoonful with milk so that it was like very milky porridge. I held him on my lap while Emma put the first spoonful in his mouth, both of us prepared for him not to take it, or to spit it out. No chance – he went berserk, pulling the spoon more into his mouth, getting upset when we had to refill the spoon (“Come ONN! I’m HUNGRY!”), sucking on his fingers when they got food on them and in the end actually grabbing hold of the bowl. Needless to say, he ate the whole lot. Much more of an enthusiastic reception than Em and I had expected, but she did point out that any offspring of ours is genetically likely to be foody. And he slept almost nine hours.

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