We have a most relaxing weekend – didn’t do a whole lot and that was just what we needed. Emma was reading the new Harry Potter and I’m deeply engrossed in Philip Pullman’s amazing His Dark Materials Trilogy which my brother Richard gave me for my birthday. They’re wonderful books.

So we were all feeling quite rested until yesterday evening the weather got more and more clammy which made us all a bit grouchy. At least Em and I aren’t teething as much as Toby, poor guy, who got quite upset at several points in the evening. We got him to sleep at a decent time but we were all woken up around 1ish by huge thunderstorms. I think that was Toby’s first real storm and he seemed a bit unsettled. I took him through to our bed which calmed him down a lot so we slept OK in the end, but I feel like the sleep I caught up on over the weekend has been lost!

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