stormy night

For the third night in a row we had a bunch of storms last night, although these were bigger and fiercer than earlier in the week. Also just when we thought it couldn’t get more hot and humid, it got more hot and humid. Around 7pm Emma was out for a pedicure, so Toby and I were home together having fun (he’s apparently really into pureed apple right now) when we heard the tornado sirens going off. Naturally we did what any red-blooded American would do, and turned on the TV. About six channels were showing the weather, with doppler radar maps showing swirls of green, red and yellow moving across the Twin Cities. British readers of this site will find it amusing that the weatherman on one of our local channels is called Ken Barlow, but he appeared to be doing the best job of giving safety information (get to the basement away from windows), dealing with his rapidly changing maps, telling us repeatedly to watch for the radar showing hook shaped clouds coming out of the storm cells (they indicate rotation, and increased likelihood of tornados) and talking with a reporter or two out in the field. One of the other channels had a guy reading from stacks of paper (no earpieces?) and another had a woman arguing with the guy who was operating the map display – how professional. But Minneapolis itself was passed by fortunately. A couple of towns had some damage, but it sounds like noone was badly hurt. We had a bigger storm around 11pm, with lightning very close, lots of wind and rain (over 6″). Again nothing too serious but Em tells me that there was about a centimetre of water in the basement this morning, which I hope clears out. I think a lot of people had plenty of water, including Paul whose basement window let lots in.

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