Em was out for a bit last night, being an acolyte at the cathedral’s evensong in honor of Gay Pride Weekend, and I stayed in with Toby. We had fun – he’s getting good with his solid food, and enjoyed almost a whole jar of peas. I’ve learned not to have too much on the spoon, otherwise some interesting physics happen and he manages both to take in and spray out equal quantities of food. Anyway, we had a bit of a play – he can now say “dadadadada” and “bababababa” a lot, and is able to sit up without having to support himself with his hands for longer and longer periods of time which is fun – until he got grumpy and it was changing time. I had been warned about this, but hadn’t appreciated the true horror of how small people’s insides suddenly change when they start eating solids, and the alarming olfactory effect this has on their parents. You don’t want any more details.

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