We had a few friends over last night for home-made pizza (actually made by those friends, but in our home – bit of a result) and a game of Cranium. Despite having been given the game for Christmas, we hadn’t gotten around to playing it yet. It was surprisingly good fun – there’s a lot of variety in that there’s some general knowledge, some word- or number-play, some singing and charades, and some drawing (some of which needs to be done with eyes shut) and clay modelling. And it was made almost more fun by the fact that it took only about an hour or so – some of these games drag on and on and on and they’re less of a pleasure after three hours. Kind of like Monopoly, which we got ages ago and also still haven’t played.

It was a bit too much for Toby, though. He was doing really well all night and being involved but he started getting quiet at about 8:30. I had him sitting forward on my knee while we were playing so that he could see what was going on, but after about 20 minutes he kind of flopped back onto me. He’d fallen asleep sitting up, bless him.

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