A rather unpleasant (in my opinion) law was passed in Minnesota at the end of last month, meaning that law-abiding citizens will find it easier to obtain and carry handguns. Because there clearly is not enough gun violence in this country. So an aspect is that workplaces can put up signs to say that they don’t allow firearms in the building, which I’m glad they don’t but it’s somewhat unnerving to see on the way into the office. Another aspect is that many workplaces, in the interests of safety, are implementing wider search rights including searching employees’ bags, desks, closets and so on. Which again, good for safety, but when the good old Republicans say that they passed this law to increase civil liberties – the Second Amendment – it seems that it is in fact decreasing other liberties – allowing people to search my possesions, and oh yeah, my right not to be injured or killed by some nutter. A bit like the Patriot Act – to protect our liberties we’re going to encroach upon them.

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