baby talk

We’re working on getting Toby to sleep in his own room, what with having spent a lot of time painting it (from ecclesiastical/Barney the Dinosaur purple to soothing green/blue) and a lot of money on a ceiling fan and a crib, mattress and various foofy bedthings I didn’t realize that babies apparently need. Plus he’s generally sleeping through the night, so it feels like it’s time for him to be a bit more independent. Last night however he woke at 4ish, so Emma gallantly went through to feed him. She’s been great at feeding him in the night, something I feel slightly guilty about, but very grateful for. He was quite hungry, but also very awake, which is also unusual as he usually falls asleep right after his night-time feed. So she took him through to our room, where he lay and sang, loudly and happily, for a bit – “LA LA LA BBBBRRR LA LA GOOO LA LA”. It was extremely cute, which almost but not quite made up for it being four in the morning.

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