long weekend

Aaah, it was great to have an extra day at the weekend. We did lots of things, but in a good relaxed kind of way. It started Friday afternoon with a trip to Home Depot to get a weed trimmer and some motion detector security lights for the outside of the house, then we went for an excellent dinner at the home of our friends David and Joseph. The following morning we took them to the airport, as they are off to Ireland on vacation the lucky things, and stopped at the Mall of America. This featured a quick run to Old Navy to get some emergency clothes for Toby, who had had something of an accident in the car on the way, poor guy. Also on Saturday I sang at a wedding at the cathedral, and we went for dinner at Paul and Claire’s. Lauren their daughter is coming on so well with her speaking. She was calling me Andrew for the first time, it was really sweet.

I didn’t need to be at the cathedral on Sunday morning, so got to some home things, including priming the garage door for repainting. It’s kind of old and was just varnished wood, which looked really bad after someone put graffitti on back in September – it was impossible to clean. So new paint is just the thing. I finished the painting yesterday, and it was cool how many people stopped to say hi as they were walking past. One woman said “Great job, brother”. Just doing our bit for the neighborhood. I sang at the evensong service on Sunday afternoon, which went very well and we had a good crowd in attendance, and then Emma, Toby and I wandered over to her boss’s house for a fab dinner. They live in a beautiful old Victorian-era house near us, it was great to see the inside and the things they’d done to it. The food and the company were excellent, a very enjoyable evening.

So yesterday the weather was great and I finished the garage door, as mentioned earlier. Also I put up one of the security lights, which was a bit easier than I’d expected. Seems to work just fine. Emma continued her project of clearing out the side garden, which we’re hoping to pave at some point to have our own barbecue spot, and it’s looking really good. The front garden on the other hand is getting a bit out of control, so there’s plenty to do on that. We have some nice plants there but also some creepers which are getting everywhere, no idea how to get rid of them. But it’s still better than before we moved in, when apparently it was impossible to see any of the first floor of the house.

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