in twenty minutes?

Is he really sure about this? Here is an interview with British paliamentary and Labour party stalwart Tony Benn. He’s been around a while and has seen a lot of changes in his time. The reason for the interview is that British Airways have announced that they’re soon going to stop flying Concordes, because the demand is getting lower and lower. Personally I’d love to go on a flight, but it’s just so expensive.

Anyway, Benn was Industry Secretary in the 70s, and as such got involved in the whole Concorde project as it was a big deal for British-French cooperation as the European Common Market was getting started. I’m sure that the whole project was quite a milestone in many ways. But one part of the interview struck me as being completely bizarre:

Q: Do you think the British have lost the pioneering urge?

TB: The sums have to add up. When I was industry secretary, I killed another project – a hypersonic plane that would go to Australia in 20 minutes. It was impractical.

I love the fact that he doesn’t really answer the question, and that he elaborates in no way about that project.

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