Way back at the end of August 2002 Emma and I were approved for our green cards (permanent residency) – a big deal that we’re very pleased about. Emma’s actual card arrived quite quickly, but for some reason mine took ages, and only arrived last week. It was OK when we returned from Britain a few weeks ago, however, as we were given stamps in our passports when our applications were approved – the stamps are valid for a year and took the place of me having my card with me.

Anyway, the card, which I’ve probably said before is not green, has a great big magnetic stripe on the back – like what’s on your credit card but much bigger and with a bunch of symbols hologrammed onto it. I’ve been curious as to what information is stored therein, but there doesn’t seem to be anything on what used to be the IRS, and is now the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is otherwise a very helpful place. In fact I was looking at the page titled Now That You Are A Permanent Resident which explains a bunch of other things. One thing I didn’t know was that we’re now entitled to vote, in state and local elections which do not require that we are US citizens. Unfortunately I have no idea what those elections might be.

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