An excellent weekend, thanks for asking. Started off in lazy style with coffee and a muffin at Dunn Brothers, then up to the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market where lots of good things were very cheap. Em and I spent the next hour or so making tomato sauces, which are now filling our freezer – yum. In the afternoon we went to the Uptown cinema to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch which was a bit odd – excellent music and acting etc, but kind of like sitting through someone’s therapy session. But worth seeing, for the wigs if nothing else.

Sunday was fantastic – more perfect weather, and we went with our friends Paul and Claire (and their baby, Lauren) down to Northfield, Minnesota, which is a lovely wee college town. On the main street they have a British pub, the Contented Cow. Take a look at their list of beer! They had Old Speckled Hen on tap, which was like nectar. So we had a few happy hours in the sun with our beer, then went a couple of doors down the road for a yummy curry. Pretty much a perfect evening.

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