more funny accounting

I heard on the radio news this morning that our state legislature are talking about cutting child care benefits, which surely means that many working families (I would assume primarily working mothers) will likely have to give up work because they won’t be able to afford their children’s childcare. Thoughts on this: it will actually cost the state more if the parents don’t give up work because they’d probably end up needing to claim other benefits, or children would have a worse start in life by going to less good childcare – worse starts in education. And companies will be hit because it will be harder to keep lower paid workers because they won’t be able to afford to work, hence more welfare dependent families. But perhaps on the good side if you’re a scheming legistlator: the parents who can’t afford this will be forced out of the workforce, meaning that currently unemployed people would be able to take their place, meaning that numbers of active jobseekers will actually fall! And so the misfortune of many boosts the careers of a few.

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