Toby’s beginning to get more noticably dexterous these days. He’s been catching hold of clothes a lot, although he doesn’t seem so keen on holding plastic rattles, and will often reach for things to bat at mobiles. The only downside to this is there was one night when he’d pulled his blanket up over his face, so we’ve been having him sleep in a fleecy sleeping bag thing with which he can’t cover his face.

He’s also starting to get to the putting-things-in-his-mouth stage. When he was born he sucked his thumb right away, which we were told was quite unusual; I suppose he’d been doing it before he was born and it was just a carry over. When we got him home from the hospital he lost the knack very quickly and hadn’t really gotten into it again since. However with his newfound hand coordination powers he’s now able to get his hand in his mouth, which he does a lot. It’s not totally perfect though – when he moves one hand up to his face the other one seems to follow too, which tends to mean that he has one hand in his mouth and the other at his ear – it makes him look like he’s on one of those old fashioned telephones.

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